Friday, June 8, 2012

Price Parser

Currently, for different online retail sites, we hard coded the html tags that the parser should look for to get product information. For the whole term, I have been wondering if there is a better way to do it. Once the sites change their UI design, we'll have to change our code. After doing research online and talk to different people, I think that's just the nature of the html parsing. Other than using the retail site's API (if it exists), hard coding the parsing info seems to be the correct way to use! 

Last Few Updates

As the deadline nears, here are a few other additional features that we added since the Demo Day.

  • Give user an option to choose when to stop notifying them by
    • There is a widget where the user selects when they want to stop tracking the item
    • Default is None
  • Show a list of the same item but from different stores
    • This is useful for users who are curious where they can find the same item but cheaper
Latest Product Page:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Current Logo

After many weeks, we have decided on the following logo for now:

Demo Day + More Updates

Demo Day

Despite not making the Top 3, Demo Day went pleasantly well on Thursday. We received plenty of compliments and several people gave us their email once we finalize our website. As it turns out, everyone shops online and has at one point in their life wished they could be automatically notified about price drops. They also liked the simplicity of our website and ease of use. One person, who owns an Italian website in charge of notifying users of coupons for stores, offered to talk to us about a potential partnership. Interesting.

In addition to compliments, we got several constructive criticisms that we will consider implementing in the near future:
- Giving users an option to set a day to stop notifying them by
- In the item details page, show a list of the same item in competitive stores and their prices
- Taking advantage of Amazon's Recommendation items
- Prettify the price history in graph form

- Added track/untrack buttons
- Notification emails contain information about item drop (such as new price) and contains link to send users to the actual website


- Same as the last post plus the suggestions made by people from Demo Day
- Perhaps create a history page of user's past tracked items.
- Create a button for users saying that they purchased that item

  • After a purchase, we still want to track that item for a certain time because some stores have a Buy Back policy

Long-term goal: Develop a store credit system similar to Ebay where buying through our website gives users store credit to buy other products. Must be partnered with other companies to work