Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Projected Timeline


Week 1 (user interface and be able to send information to backend)
     Set up website on Amazon Web Services
     Cheap, scalable
     Use of Amazon Simple Storage Service for storing data
     Be able to take in user input on the backend
     URL of the item
     Email address
     Set up the basic user interface
     Come up with a name.

Week 2 - 5 (backend)
     Be able to parse the price from most of the websites
     Write scripts incorporating regular expressions to read prices from HTML files
     Research how to frequently check if the price is changed.
     Store parsed data in a database
     Design tables to keep track of product id, url, price
     Write functions to query and update tables
     Test the backend to make sure it works accurately and properly.

Week 6 (send information from backend to user)
     Work on email notifications
     Notify user when price drops or drops below a certain price

Week 7 - 9 (add more functionality of the website)
     Also allow user create an account
     Aggregate data in a form that is friendly to the user
     Let user see the history of requests he made.
     Let user see the price history of the watched item in form of a graph
     Allow user to sort the information in different ways, for example, he can sort by lowest price, or most recently changed price.
     Allow user to put different items to different “baskets”, for example, “Purchased”, “Gifts”, “Wish List”.
     Suggest related items to watched item
     Suggest related websites with same items

Week 10 (frontend)
     Improve on UI design
     More testing.

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