Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 3 Progress

Completed the following:

  1. Created url page to ask user for item url
  2. Run my Python program to parse url for essential information and store into database
    1. Information includes productName, productId, productPrice, storeName, date
  3. Wrote Python script to traverse database and look for any changes in price for each item
    1. Cronjob will run this script every time interval (1 hour)
To do:
  1. Use Amazon/Bestbuy API as a more efficient alternative to look for any updates/changes to prices
  2. Cover edge cases not caught by the parsing program
  3. Instead of using url to look for updates, since urls can change, find better alternative
  4. Combine with Lucia's frontend design
    1. Right now my url page is standalone, want to combine with user 's main page

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