Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update So Far

As the demo day nears, here are some of the things we've accomplished recently and hope to accomplish in the near future:

Added a detailed products page for each item

  • Clicking on an item sends user to a page showing details about that item
  • Displays item information
  • Displays price history
  • Displays recommendations
Added tags to each item for our recommendation system
  • Currently uses product names for tags
  • Recommendations then uses those tags to decide which items to recommend
  • Clicking on a tag lists all items with the same tag
Incorporate price history
  • Display date and price in list form
Add commenting system
  • Users can comment on a specific item for everyone to view
Added a few more links on each page so user can more easily navigate website

Agreed upon a logo

  • Research smarter recommendation algorithms
  • Graphically display price history
  • Visually enhance each page
  • Give more options to users
  • Add track/untrack buttons
  • Make emails more meaningful
  • In addition to recommendations page, possibly add a "Users who track this item also track..." section

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